The Action OpenUp4- GoDialogue is designed as public information effort that will create link between everyday life and a Dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, in order to make citizens aware of direct, visible and tangible benefits of its success.
The communication needs not only to improve the image of the dialogue but to communicate other segments - namely to feature the potential impact of the dialogue on daily lives of people in Kosovo and Serbia.
The European Union sees the process of the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia as an important part of its Western Balkans Enlargement Strategy, where the success of the agreement openly sets as a prerequisite for bringing Kosovo and Serbia closer to the EU.
#GoDialogue project is supported by European Union and the slogan of the project in three languages is #HapuPer #BudiOtvoren #OpenUp4.
The project is implemented by the consortium led by JaBiHEU Bosnia and Hercegovina and partners B2 Kosovo and Balkan Tube Fest Serbia.